The SEAL is a commitment by businesses and schools to support the vision to RAISE ASPIRATIONS, RAISE STANDARDS!

lt brings together the education and business world, working in partnership to provide experiences and opportunities available in the world of work.

Together, the partnership helps young people gain skills needed to be the best that they can be.

Help in School!

Help us; Help you!

We will work with your school, Careers Wales and The College to give you the opportunity to meet with employers. This will help you to

  • Understand their industry 
  • The type of skills you will need 
  • The different pathways available to get there 
  • The type of jobs available 
  • The types of people employers are looking for 


You can take part in

  • Open events 
  • Mock interviews 
  • Workplace visits 
  • Curriculum projects 
  • Work experience 
  • Talks 
  • mentoring